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"The future is wide open, and it depends on us, on all of us. It depends on what you and I and everyone else does and will do, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. And what we do and will do depends in turn on our thoughts and desires, our hopes and fears. It depends on how we see the world, and how we view the possibilities of the future which are open."
Karl Popper (1902-1994) Austrian philosopher

As said above by Mr. Karl Popper, "The future is wide open, and it depends on us, on all of us". Thus we believe that we are, because you are with us. Altogether we are a driving force which can sustain firmly in current and upcoming ceramic industry.

I have a great pleasure to introduce you,"SIRIUM CERAMIC PVT. LTD.", a new benchmark is entering in ceramic industry with innovative ideas and creative efforts, ethical values with reliability, with our commitment and passion for uniqueness.

The pioneering production technology and extensive researches allow us to understand better and respond to the behaviors and the culture of consumers in each locality of the world. Such ambition will position us as the brand that affords customers utmost satisfaction eventually.

Thorough Experience and innovation capability, creativity and design, tradition and culture, a passion for ceramics and environmental awareness are the fortes of Sirium Ceramic which have been defining living spaces, combining aesthetics and top quality materials.


At Sirium, we have world-class manufacturing infrastructure to avail best quality ceramic wall tiles in various sizes, colors, thicknesses and surfaces, hardness, resistance to abrasion and stains, slip-resistance, ease of cleaning, large sizes and understated, essential aesthetics are indeed the key characteristics of Sirium Ceramic products by which, we are able to respond promptly to the diverse needs relating to living spaces and contemporary architecture.

Our Manufacturing facility is up-to-date with 2 Nos. of internationally renowned presses from SACMI ITALY, a Modern technologically filled KILN of 200 mtrs. , dry squaring machine from EDING Corporation, China & World's most efficient & 2 nos. of glaze line with latest digital printing machine from CRETAPRINT EFi700x7 which prints more than 2.5 million sqm. per annum. We look forward for expanding our production in near future which will enable us to compete with the huge manufacturers of vast ceramic industry.

Research & Development

The competitiveness of Sirium Ceramic rest on the strong foundations of institutional strengths derived from its deep consumer insights, cutting-edge Research & Development, differentiated product development capacity, brand-building capability, world-class manufacturing infrastructure, extensive market linkages, efficient trade marketing and distribution network and dedicated human resources.

In formulating its corporate philosophy and concretely defining its tasks, ever since it was established Sirium ceramic has focused on the primary goals of protecting the environment, preventing pollution, complying with legislation, defining a reference framework for establishing goals and achieving milestones for improvement that are unique in the world. Ceramic is in fact a natural product, a combination of earth and fire, a human creation which marries, protects and draws on the vital elements that surround us.

Technological innovation is an attempt to improve quality of life in order to guarantee a future "on a human scale".

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